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Hanke S., Karopka T., Furfari F., Potort́ F. To Build up an ambient assisted living open association (AALOA). Technical report, 2012.
One problem which slows down the creation of the AAL market is fragmentation of research efforts and the lack of a standardised approach for developers. To address this, we founded the AALOA (AAL Open Association). The vision of AALOA is to create a ecosystem for the domain of assistive technology for independent living. Community building activities as well as the hosting of AAL related projects like EvAAL and several open source software projects1 has been used to attract different stakeholders of the AAL community. Two main initiatives for the AALOA community building and promotion of the idea among all stakeholder groups has been brought forth so far. The AMB11 workshop, organised together with the eInclusion unit of the EC and the Lecce Declaration, which gained support from 44 projects mostly at the EU level.
Subject AAL
Open source
Community building
C.2.4 Network Operating System
D.4.7 Distributed systems

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