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Di Giandomenico F., Itria M. L., Masci P., Nostro N. Networks of heterogeneous and dynamic interoperable systems: an approach to enhance dependability and performance properties. Manoscritto da sottomettere a rivista internazione, Technical report, 2012.
Approaches to dependability and performance are challenged when systems are made up of networks of heterogeneous applications/de- vices, especially when operating in unpredictable open-world settings. The research community is tackling this problem and exploring means for enabling interoperability at the application level. The EU project Con- nect has developed a generic interoperability mechanism which relies on the on-the-fly synthesis of "Connectors", that is software bridges that enable and adapt communication among heterogeneous devices. Depend- ability and Performance are relevant aspects and a model-based analysis framework has been addressed for enabling the synthesis of dependable Connectors. In a previous work, we have identi fied mechanisms that can be used as the basis for the de finition of a library of generic patterns (dependability mechanisms) suitable for enhancing the dependability of Connectors when required by the application. Here, we extend it by identifying generic strategies that automate the selection of an appropri- ate dependability mechanism and of those elements in the software bridge to which the mechanism brings higher benefi ts. A case study based on a global monitoring system for environment and security (GMES) is also included to show the application of our solution.
Subject Interoperable Systems
Model-based dependability and performance evaluation
Fault tolerance mechanisms
D.2.12 Interoperability
D.4.5 Reliability
D.4.8 Performance. Stochastic analysis

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