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Bertolino A., Marchetti E., Morichetta A. Towards a framework for proactive monitoring of service choreography. Technical report, 2012.
In service-oriented application, runtime validation of services compositions is an essential complement to o -line testing. Both passive approaches, i.e., monitoring, and active ones, i.e., on-line testing, have been proposed. In this paper we introduce a conceptual framework that combines both approaches into a proactive monitoring framework. The key idea behind the approach is the de nition of a monitoring adequacy criterion by which the thoroughness of monitored choreography executions is assessed within a sliding observation window. If the adequacy criterion is not satis ed, the monitor can launch the on-line execution of selected test cases aimed at triggering the uncovered behaviours. We illustrate the approach through a prototype instantiation in GlimpsePro and its application to an example case study.
Subject Complex Event
On-line testing
Service choreography
D.2 Software Engeneering
D 2.5 Testing and Debugging
D 2.8 Metrics

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