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Coro G. Environment Explorer Library.
The Environment Explorer Library is a Java library for exploring environmental G.I.S. layers. It addresses geographic layers containing physical or chemical characteristics of the world, which can be stored on a Geo Server or on a Thredds Service. The library is able to retrieve the values of NetCDF files residing on Thredds associated to some coordinates, or to get the values of an environmental layer residing on a Geo Server. Furthermore it manages the indexing procedure of those elements on a Geo Network Server, from which it can retrieve information about files or layers locations. The library is part of the gCube framework.
URL: http://www.gcube-system.org/index.php
Subject Virtual Research Environments
gCube System
D4Science-II project
iMarine Project
Ecological Modelling
GIS systems
Environment Geographical Layers
Geo Server
Geo Network
H.3.4 Systems and Software
68N01 General

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