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Broxvall M., Gennaro C., Vairo C., Saffiotti A. RUBICON - Preliminary version of Communication Layer. Robotic UBiquitous COgnitive Network (RUBICON). Deliverable D1.3.1, 2012.
This report describes the software, Preliminary version of Communication Layer, presented as deliverable D1.3.1 for RUBICON. We focus here on a description of the design and implementation of this software, the exact scope of the current implementation and outline the future work to be performed as part of task 1.2 - 1.4, leading up to deliverable D1.3.2 in month 24. In addition to this report with an appendix documenting the communication layer API, the main part of the deliv- erable consists of the published software, available on the RUBICON code repository and later to be released on the project webpage. This report furthermore summarizes, in brief, the state of workpackage WP1 and the achievement of all tasks scheduled for M1-M12 of RUBICON.
Subject Rubicon
Wireless sensor networks
Robot ecologies
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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