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Potort́ F., Furfari F., Ferro E. UniversAAL - Dissemination plan. Universal Open Architecture and Platform for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D9.2-B, 2012.
Deliverable 9.2 is created in the scope of WP 9, Dissemination and Exploitation. This work package aims at disseminating the universAAL project objectives and results. Thereby, awareness about the benefits of ambient assisted living (AAL) in general, and universAAL in particular, shall be created for all relevant stakeholders. The objectives of this work package are: . To effectively plan and organize exploitation of universAAL results . To effectively disseminate universAAL achievements This document presents the achievements of the work on dissemination regarding generic dissemination plans. Specifically, this document includes the following: -Dissemination policy and goals -Target groups -Dissemination activities -Dissemination of the AALOA community -Dissemination monitoring and evaluation -Individual approach for each partner The section "Dissemination policy and goals" describes the guidelines and protocols developed and adopted for spreading out the awareness of universAAL project, specially focusing on commercial and scientific dissemination. The purpose of the chapter "Target Groups" is to identify main dissemination target groups, to describe their interests and to specify methods to address these interests. "Dissemination activities" describes initiatives and strategies taken with the aim of spreading out the project. The AALOA community is a key element to guarantee the acceptance of universAAL results and their adoption after the end of the project. A section of this document is dedicated to the dissemination of the AALOA community. Dissemination monitoring and evaluation is needed in order to track the number and quality of dissemination activities throughout the whole project, as well as throughout individual partners. This section introduces the required templates and establishes the approach toward dissemination consisting of regular updates and evaluation of the templates by a group of experts. Finally, this document presents the individual dissemination plans for each partner of the universAAL consortium.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

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