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Girolami M., Furfari F., Palumbo F., Stockl÷w C. UniversAAL - AAL Reference architecture requirements. Universal Open Architecture and Platform for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D1.2-C, 2012.
Deliverable 1.2 defines and presents the universAAL Reference Architecture Requirements and the process of requirements collection and consolidation. In universAAL, reference architecture requirements drive the development of universAAL's reference and concrete architecture that are described and defined in D1.3 "universAAL Reference Architecture". Requirements act as the central point of reference in software development like a contract between the involved parties. In essence, they capture the functional and non-functional expectations from the tar- get system, on one side, and the general concerns of users and stakeholders that deal with the system, on the other side. Hence, requirements glue the concerns defined by users to the target system that is implemented by the developers. As a consequence, at the very end of software development, the success of a software system or application is measured according to its compliance to the requirements. The universAAL consortium has agreed on using the ARCADE architecture development framework1 to guide development of the universAAL reference architecture in WP1. Developing the architecture according to the ARCADE approach enhances architectural consistency, enables integration of other systems and ensures that concerns and requirements of stakeholders are properly acknowledged. Considering the ARCADE method, this deliverable will present the Requirements View on the universal architecture. ARCADE's Requirement Viewpoint specifies two models for identifying and specifying requirements: the Requirement Model and the Target System Interface Model. Consequently, D1.2 specifies these two models.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

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