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Lindén M., Gonzalez J., Melendez F., Orlandini A., Furfari F., Girolami M., Palumbo F., von Rump S., Rocha S., Barry J., Karlsson L. GiraffPlus - Technological component specifications. Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living. Deliverable D1.2, 2012.
The aim of this deliverable is to assess and select a set of technological components suitable for both collecting the relevant information and implementing the GiraffPlus services according to the Task 1.1 and Task 1.2 results. The result of this work is a selection and specification of the sensors, which will be used in Task 2.4 and fully integrated in the GiraffPlus system. Further, an assessment of the current status of the Giraff robot is performed. An initial work on the definition of new functionalities to support limited autonomous mobility, and the interaction capabilities that pave the way to actuate the personalization capabilities subject of WP4 in the GiraffPlus Intelligent Environment is performed.
Subject AAL
Smart spaces
K.4.2 Social Issues. Handicapped persons/special needs

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