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Coradeschi S., Karlsson L., Gonzalez J., Orlandini A., Cesta A., Cortellessa G., Silva L., Ullberg J., Furfari F., Palumbo F., Bacco F. M., Lindèn M. GiraffPlus - System Reference Architecture. Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living. Deliverable D1.3, 2012.
After a brief overview of the GiraffPlus system, the document relates the user requirements presented in D1.1 deliverable to the three main components of the system namely: Physical environment and Software infrastructure: (WP2: middleware, sensors, and Giraff robot); Intelligent Monitoring and Adaptation Services (WP3: context recognition module and configuration planner); and Data Visualization, Personalization ad Interaction Services (WP4: general data store, personalization module and interaction module). The user requirements are then translated into technical requirements considering the results of the deliverable D1.2. The technical requirements are directing the architectural structure and the development of the system. In accordance with them the following sections present the overall structure of the system and an outline of the components with special emphasis on integration. Security and privacy are then considered and finally compliance with European standards. The document includes also three appendices: a more detailed description of the integration of the Giraff robot in the system, a presentation of possible scenarios for GiraffPlus and a review of related commercial systems and research European projects.
Subject AAL
Smart spaces
K.4.2 Social Issues. Handicapped persons/special needs

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