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Coradeschi S., Ullberg J., Karlsson L., Lopez L. S., Palumbo F., Furfari F., Bacco F. M., Soraia R., Damasceno A., Koshmak G., von Rump S., Polutnik J., Štimec A. GiraffPlus - Preliminary technological integration (Pre-T-Int) report. Combining social interaction and long term monitoring for promoting independent living. Deliverable D5.1, 2012.
This document reports on the preliminary technological integration of the GiraffPlus system in the pilot apartment Ängen in Örebro. The aim is to create a preliminary version of the system including the Giraff robot, the Look4Myhealth kit and the monitoring sensors from Tunstall. This version of the system will then be used for providing data to the context recognition and configuration planning component developed in WP3. In addition it will be used by WP6 in a preliminary evaluation of the system with primary and secondary users. In the DoW it is stated that the parts of the system will communicate with a simple network and the data provided will be made available, while the installation of the middleware in Ängen and the integration of the components via the middleware is expected by December 2012. However given the more detailed architecture outlined in the deliverable D1.3 and the fact that a first version of the middleware was available already in August 2012, a more ambitious goal has been set and achieved for the preliminary technological integration, that is to install the middleware in Ängen and integrate the main sensors and the Giraff robot with the middleware directly without the intermediate step of communication with a simple network. Additional components that were not considered in the DoW for the preliminary integration have also been installed in the apartment already at this stage: an additional physiological sensor for pulse oximetry measurements, the context recognition module, the configuration planner module, the remote storage and repository to collect user data and the software used in the system. These components will be connected to the middleware during Fall 2012. In summary the hardware components present in the apartment are: the Intellicare kit, the Giraff robot, the sensors of Tunstall, an additional physiological sensor for pulse oximetry measurements and additional sensors for environmental monitoring. The software components are initial version of: the middleware, the context recognition module and the configuration planner. In addition the system is connected to a remote storage and repository that is used to collect user data and the software used in the system. Three appendixes present respectively how to establish and Open VPN server and clients and the APIs for the Intellicare kit.
Subject AAL
Smart spaces
K.4.2 Social Issues. Handicapped persons/special needs

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