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Candela L. EUBrazilOpenBio - Software platform extensions. EU-Brazil Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity. Deliverable D3.4, 2012.
D3.4 'EUBrazilOpenBio Software Platform Extensions' consists of the collection of software artifacts that will be produced during the project timeframe. These software artifacts include mediators interfacing with species data repositories (e.g. speciesLink, OBIS) for discovery purposes and mediators interfacing with cloud 'infrastructures' for executing niche modeling related tasks. These software artifacts together with the other software artifacts resulting from WP3 (Deliverables D3.2 'EUBrazilOpenBio Software Platform Core' and D3.3 'Niche Modeling Services') will realize the EUBrazilOpenBio Software Platform.According to what is presented in D3.1 'Development Planning and Coordination', the whole software development activity is continuous and governed by a flexible, agile-based development methodology, meaning that software is produced through a number of subsequent yet short software development lifecycles.
Subject Software Platform Specification and Development
Agile-based development methodology
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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