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Roseti C., Luglio M., De Cola T., Marchitti M., Munari A., Ferro E., Celandroni N., Gotta A., Oligeri G., Vassaki S., Poulakis M., Panagopoulos A. D., Hu Y. F., Pillai P., Verma S., Xu K., Bisio I., Cello M., Davoli F. SatNEx-III - Final Report (FR). CoO 2 - Task 2 "The role of satellites in future sensor networks". Deliverable Final Report, 2012.
The aim of this final report (FR) is to exhaustively report the achievements and the main findings of CoO2-Task 2 activity, by taking as reference what already reported in TNs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4. Being the aforementioned documents already focusing on some aspects of the overall activity, this document attempts to highlight the main points related to the role of satellites in future sensor networks, in terms of suitable scenarios, services QoS, security, and final recommendations. As not all aspects are dealt with the same detail in this report, the interested reader is kindly requested to refer the material available in the related deliverables.
Subject Satellite

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