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Panagopoulos A. D., Poulakis M., Vassaki S., Gotta A., Celandroni N., Ferro E., Bisio I., Davoli F., Cello M., Rosetti C., Luglio M., Marchitti M., Munari A., De Cola T. SatNEx III - QoS and Radio Resource Management. TN 2.2.1: QoS & RRM : Issues and Case Studies. TN 2.2.2: QoS & RRM : Solutions and Results. Satellite Network of Expert. Deliverable TN 2.2, 2012.
application scenarios that have been selected in the previous deliverable TN 2.1 "WSN-Satellite Network Architecture and Scenarios". The methodologies that will be studied are briefly described. In the first part, the general assumptions regarding the quality of service (QoS) in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), the technologies and the traffic profiles are given. In the next part, the TN is devoted to presentation of the principles of collaborative beamforming and of the link budget parameters, while afterwards the techniques for clustering (MADM and game theory) and data fusion, and the cooperative routing for satellite-controlled WSNs are presented. Every part contains also the corresponding analytical results and simulations as well as a discussion on them. Finally, the assumptions and the simulation setup for the efficient access and transport techniques among sensors and satellite are presented. In all the above-described scenarios the energy constraints are considered.
Subject Wireless Sensor Networks
Radio Resource Management

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