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Coppini G., Favilla R., Marraccini P., Salvetti O., Moroni D., Pieri G. Method and system for determining the volume of epicardial fat from volumetric images, and corresponding computer program. Patent n. EP2618307. Registered in Italia on 2012.
Methods and systems are provided for determining the volume of epicardial fat of a heart, which include acquiring a plurality of volumetric image data representing the heart; morphologically characterizing a volume of interest represented by the volumetric image data, including identifying a predetermined number of reference contours of the heart; estimating the epicardial surface, Sigma, according to a three-dimensional series expansion of vector spherical harmonic functions based on the reference contours; and determining the volume of epicardial fat based on the voxels which are located inside the estimated epicardial surface, Sigma, and which have a grey level within a predetermined range, characteristic of fatty tissue.
URL: http://https://register.epo.org/espacenet/regviewer?AP=13151645&CY=EP&LG=en&DB=REG
Subject Epicardial Fat
Computed tomography
Spherical Harmonics
Model optimization
I.5.4 Applications. Signal processing

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