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Batino S., Callieri M., Dellepiane M., Duranti D., Pingi P., Scopigno R., Siotto E. Virtual Reconstruction of an Etruscan Tomb. In: CHNT 17 - Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (Vienna (Austria), 5-7 novembre 2012). Abstract, pp. 1 - 1. Wolfgang Börner and Susanne Uhlirz (eds.). Museen der Stadt Wien - Stadtarchäologie, 2012.
This paper describes the main phases of an ongoing project regarding the 3D virtual reconstruction of an Etruscan hypogeum together with the funerary equipment it contained. The tomb is dating back to late Hellenistic period and was discovered in 1880 in Sigliano, between lake Trasimeno and lake of Chiusi in Central Italy. This sepulcher is a paradigmatic testimony enlightening processes of settlement and land use during ancient times in a district (Valdichiana) with a strong vocation for agriculture and forestry. Furthermore, this reconstruction allows to relocate in their original context some finds now kept at the Archaeological Museum of Perugia, together with some other lost goods, documented only by detailed sketches and drawings. Hence, 3D modeling and 3D scanning have been combined to present the plausible appearance of the tomb when it was discovered. Some of the most interesting objects have been 3D scanned to provide accurate data. Particular care has been devoted to the 3D model of a bronze helmet probably gilded, a Southern Italy production (probably Taranto) dated 4th century BC. A portion of plausible landscape has been modeled taking into account the geomorphology obtained through Google Earth, to locate the grave, and to insert it in a possible context. Moreover, following the indications found in the original sketches, the interior of the tomb and some of the smaller objects have been modeled. All of the generated data have been used to produce a video which will be shown at the Archeological Museum of Perugia.
URL: http://www.stadtarchaeologie.at/?page_id=5357
Subject 3D scanning
3D reconstruction
Virtual Reality
I.3 Computer Graphics

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