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Buzzi M. C., Buzzi M., Leporini B. Investigating mobile learning and accessibility for blind users. In: ISML-VIP 2012 - International Symposium of Mobile Learning for Visually-Impaired People (Palermo, Italy, 25 May 2012). Proceedings, pp. 26 - 40. CNR-ITD, 2012.
Mobile devices are increasingly used for multiple purposes in everyday activities such as business, study and learning, entertainment and games. Blind people especially may benefit from distance learning, which removes mobility constraints allowing interaction anytime, anywhere, at any pace. In this process the user interface plays a key role. Interaction should be operable, simple and satisfying for anyone including persons with special needs who rely on assistive technology. In this paper we analyze accessibility issues encountered by blind users when interacting with learning applications on mobile devices, with special attention to touch screen technology, specifically oriented to visual information. Examples show issues and possible solutions to support the learning process, and alternative interaction modalities are discussed.
URL: http://ismlvip.pa.itd.cnr.it/
Subject Blind users
Mobile learning
Mobile accessibility
K.4.2 Social Issues. Handicapped persons/special needs
H.5.2 User Interfaces. Graphical user interfaces

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