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Ruggieri S. Subtree replacement in decision tree simpli cation. In: SDM 2012 - 12th SIAM Conference on Data Mining (Anaheim, California USA, 26,28 April 2012). Proceedings, pp. 379 - 390. SIAM / Omnipress, 2012.
The current availability of efficient algorithms for decision tree induction makes intricate post-processing tech- niques worth to be investigated both for eciency and effectiveness. We study the simplification operator of subtree replacement, also known as grafting, originally implemented in the C4.5 system. We present a parametric bottom-up algorithm integrating grafting with the standard pruning operator, and analyze its complexity in terms of the number of nodes visited. Immediate instances of the parametric algorithm include extensions of error based, reduced error, minimum error, and pessimistic error pruning. Experimental results show that the computational cost of grafting is paid of by statis- tically significant smaller trees without accuracy loss.
URL: http://siam.omnibooksonline.com/2012datamining/data/papers/115.pdf
Subject D.3.3 Language Constructs and Features

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