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Eirinakis P., Ruggieri S., Subramani K., Wojciechowski P. Computational complexities of inclusion queries over polyhedral sets. In: ISAIM 2012 - International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, 9-11 January 2012). Proceedings, ISAIM, 2012.
In this paper we discuss the computational complexities of procedures for inclusion queries over polyhedral sets. The polyhedral sets that we consider occur in a wide range of applications, ranging from logistics to program verification. The goal of our study is to establish boundaries between hard and easy problems in this context.
URL: http://www.cs.uic.edu/pub/Isaim2012/WebPreferences/ISAIM2012_Eirinakis_etal.pdf
Subject Entailment
Parameterized linear constraint
Quantified linear implication
Computational complexity
Polynomial algorithm
D.3.3 Language Constructs and Features

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