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Moroni D., Salvetti M., Villa A. Some topological problems on the configuration spaces of Artin and Coxeter groups. Björner A., Cohen F., De Concini C., Procesi C., Salvetti M (eds.). (Publications of the Scuola Normale Superiore, CRM serie, vol. 14). Berlin: Springer, 2012.
In the first part we review some topological and algebraic aspects in the theory of Artin and Coxeter groups, both in the finite and infinite case (but still finitely generated). In the following parts, among other things, we compute the Schwartz genus of the covering associated to the orbit space for all affine Artin groups.
URL: http://www.springer.com/birkhauser/mathematics/scuola+normale+superiore/book/978-88-7642-430-4
Subject Artin groups
Coxeter Groups
Schwartz genus
Computational topology
Spectral sequences
F.2.1 Numerical Algorithms and Problems

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