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Salerno E., Bedini L. Blind processing in astrophysical data analysis. Bertrand Zavidoque, Giosuč Lo Bosco (eds.). (The Science and Culture Series - Astrophysics). Singapore: World Scientific, 2012.
Some blind approaches to a typical problem in astrophysical data analysis are briefly recalled. The problem is to disentangle different radiation maps from a multichannel map where signals coming from different astrophysical sources are mixed. Some separation methods assume a perfect knowledge of the mixing operator. However, if the model does not explain the data, this approach can lead to very poor results. Conversely, a blind approach, that is, one that does not enforce a rigid data model, is able to match the data while preserving all the desirable properties of the result.
Subject Astrophysical Image processing
Blind source separation
J.2 Astronomy
I.4.8 Scene analysis

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