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Weber A., Kutzke A. R., Chessa S. Energy-aware test connection assignment for the self-diagnosis of a wireless sensor network. In: Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society, vol. 18 (1) pp. 19 - 27. Springer, [Online First 09 February 2012]
Sensor nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are prone to failures due to the fragile hardware, malicious attacks, or hostile or harsh environment. In order to assure reliable, long-term monitoring of the phenomenon under investigation, a major challenge is to detect node mal- functions as soon as possible and with an energy efficient approach. We address this problem by using a system-level diagnosis strategy in which the sink issues to the WSN a self-diagnosis task that involves a number of mutual tests among sensors. Based on the test outcomes, the sink ex- ecutes the diagnosis procedure. This work presents an al- gorithm for the assignment of tests among the sensors of a WSN that assures the desired system diagnosability and that is aware of energy consumption. We show by simu- lation experiments that the present approach, as compared to a previous one, enables consistent energy savings on the sensors.
URL: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13173-012-0057-7
DOI: 10.1007/s13173-012-0057-7
Subject Wireless Sensor Networks
System-level diagnosis
Embedded and cyber-physical systems
Sensor networks
C.0 Computer systems organization. General

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