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Jack K., Sambati M., Silvestri F., Trani S., Venturini R. Cite-as-you-write. In: Ercim News, vol. 90 article n. 1. Special issue: Cybercrime and Privacy Issues. Ercim, 2012.
Engines and dedicated social networks are generally used to search for relevant literature. Current technologies rely on keyword based searches which, however, do not provide the support of a wider context. Cite-as-you-write aims to simplify and shorten this exploratory task: given a verbose description of the problem to be investigated, the system automatically recommends related papers/citations.
URL: http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en90/ri/cite-as-you-write
Subject Citation recommendation
Scientific paper recommendation
H.3.3 Information Retrieval Systems

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