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Trasarti R., Rinzivillo S., Nanni M., Giannotti F. Types and operators in M-Atlas system. Technical report, 2011.
In this technical report we illustrate the types managed by the M-Atlas system and the operators defined among them. Due to the complexity of spatio-temporal data, models and patterns, the system is be based on a rich formalism, capable to representing the specificity of movement data. We choose the object-relational model, which combines the simplicity of the relational data model and SQL with the basic object oriented capabilities. The main feature of the object- relational database model is that objects and classes are directly supported in database schemas supporting the extension of the original types with custom types representing complex structures. Moreover using a pre-existing GIS technology developed on the database the new types and operators can be integrated easily.
Subject Data Mining
H.2.3 Languages

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