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Banterle F., Callieri M., Dellepiane M., Scopigno R. Tone mapping for stereo and multi-view HDR content. Technical report, 2011.
In this paper, we present a novel technique for tone mapping which tackles stereo and multi-view HDR content. Stereo and multi-view image processing is not a trivial task in order to avoid inconsistencies in colors and on the whole appearance in the final results. Our method, for minimizing inconsistencies which appear if images are processed separately, leverages on filtering stereo images in the disparity space. We show that this filtering minimize inconsistencies allowing a pleasant fruition of the stereo content on LDR displays. Finally, we show how to extend this method to multi-view images.
Subject High Dynamic Range Image
Tone Mapping
Stereo Imaging
I.3.3 Picture/Image Generation

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