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Tonellotto N., Giordano M., Di Napoli C. Adaptive instantiation of service workflows using a chemical approach. Technical report, 2011.
Service oriented technologies allow Service Based Applica- tions (SBAs) to be easily built by composing independent services avail- able in a network and provided by many actors under conditions that may change in time. Therefore services need to be dynamically selected and composed when an SBA is required along with parameters repre- senting the service delivery conditions. In this paper we propose to use a chemical computational approach to model the process of selecting the required service functionalities with the required conditions as an evolv- ing and always running middleware mechanism. The chemical evolving behaviour of the middleware allows to take into account environmental changes coming from both the providers and users side.
Subject Service Oriented Architecture
Chemical Programming
Workflow Instantiation
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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