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Simi M. A distributed information system for service oriented e-infrastructures. Technical report, 2011.
The report illustrates the architecture of the Information System (IS) successfully adopted in the D4Science stream of EU-funded projects. The IS is part of the enabling layer of the gCube framework and off ers a unique support for the dynamic deployment capabilities of the system. From the architectural point of view, it is composed by a set of cooperating Web Services developed in Java. These services can be distributed and replicated as needed to optimize the publication and discovery phase and to provide fault tolerance by avoiding single points of failures. In addition, a set client libraries have been developed to off er to clients the better experience possible when dealing with the IS. These libraries abstract over the details of the interaction with the services and their actual distribution and physical location.
Subject D4Science-II project
D4Science-II Project Achievements
Distributed Architectures
gCube System
VRE - Virtual Research Environment
H.3.4 Systems and Software

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