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Locuratolo E., Palomäki J. Semantics preservation in database applications. This paper is an example to stimulate the discussion on the relations on concepts theory and data bases, Technical report, 2011.
This paper presents original research for semantics preservation in multimedia applications. The research is based on concept theory. Resulting concept structures are constructed in order to define all the concepts related with initial concept structures as well as all the intensional inclusion relations among concepts. These relations can be exploited for preserving semantics consistently. Examples of applicability are presented. Concepts can be related with multimedia categories. The paper is designed to identify new multimedia applications as well as to approach currently open problems.
Subject Concept
Image classification
Semantics preservation
H.2.8 Database Applications
G.2.2 Graph Labeling
I.3.5 Object Hierarchies
68U01 Computing Methodologies and Applications

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