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Girolami M., Burla A., Pileggi S. F., Asim M., Fides Valero ┴., Arnaudov V. UniversAAL - Part III: The universAAL Reference Architecture for AAL. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D1.3-C Part III, 2011.
This deliverable documents the current status of AAL Reference Architecture (RA) as being developed in the project universAAL. The RA needs to guarantee some level of compliance among concrete architectures, and at the same time make sure to allow innovation and competition in the real world. This is the main challenge facing us when defining the RA. We follow a Service Oriented Architecture development methodology and notation called SOAML (UML-based SOA). We summarize the business context for the RA as investigated and documented in universAAL (in deliverable D1.1 and D1.2). The business context contains mainly the stakeholders and the value propositions they offer to each other. These value propositions are then mapped to specific services that can be traded among the stakeholders. By mapping these services onto a technological ICT architecture we show how the services can be implemented and deployed in the real world. We provide examples of typical deployments demonstrating simple and more complicated scenarios. In our work we have tried to use empirical data as much as possible. The RA is developed through a combination of bottom-up empirical data (collected during the universAAL consolidation process) and top-down definitions. An example of how the RA can be used in real world is provided.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living

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