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Furfari F., Girolami M., Eisenberg V., Kodof-Petersen A., Kehagias D., Lenzi S., Mosmondor M., Tazari S., Stockl÷w C., Wolf P., Ibß˝ez G., Kumar S., Arnaudov V., H÷ftberger O., Abril P., Salvi D. UniversAAL - Part II: the universAAL reference model for AAL. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D1.3-C Part II, 2011.
As a sub-part of the deliverable D1.3, this document is dedicated to the presentation of the latest state of developments towards a Reference Model for AAL. The agreed definition for a reference model in universAAL is: "A reference model is an abstract framework for understanding significant relationships among the entities of some environment. It enables the development of specific reference or concrete architectures using consistent standards or specifications supporting that environment. A reference model consists of a minimal set of unifying concepts, axioms and relationships within a particular problem domain, and is independent of specific standards, technologies, implementations, or other concrete details." [1] In this document, the consolidated reference model for AAL is summarized in terms of a set of seven concept maps, of which one is serving as a root map, which provides a top-level understanding of AAL systems, and the other six analyze further related aspects at a second level of details. These are about a basic understating of the term service, the domain-specific context of AAL services, the connection between AAL and Ambient Intelligence and the role of channels for "breaking out of the virtual realm into the physical world"[3], as well as the most important technical stakeholders along with an analysis of the terms platform, middleware and AAL applications. It can be helpful to have read Part I, which provides a process view on how these results has been achieved, for a better understanding of what is being presented here. In the following sub-parts of D1.3, one can see how the insights captured by these concept maps are conducting the development process within universAAL.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living

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