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Furfari F., Tazari S., Farshchian B. UniversAAL - Part I: Roadmap and the work processes. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D1.3-C Part I, 2011.
This sub-part of D1.3 establishes the common understanding of how the different major results expected from T1.4 relate to each other and defines in this way a roadmap from a reference model for AAL, over a reference architecture for AAL, to the concrete architecture underlying the development work in universAAL. It then describes the rationale and the pattern behind the consolidation processes in the project, which are leading to early results in parallel. A short reference to the ARCADE framework for describing architectures of ICT systems that is applied to the design work in universAAL closes the general part of this document. The remaining of this Part is divided into three similarly structured sections, each of them providing supplementary info related to one of the three main results presented in the Parts II to IV. The supplementary info covers the method, tools, and the process based on which the actual results have been produced. This way, the following three Parts could be kept very concise, just summarizing the result itself, while interested readers can still find more info in this document.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living

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