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Furfari F., Girolami M., Owda Z., Tazari S. UniversAAL - Execution environment installation packages and hardware abstraction layer (D2.1-B). UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D2.1-B, 2011.
This document corresponds to deliverable D2.1 of type "Prototype". It provides a report about software development within Task 2.1 "Create the universAAL Execution Environment and Hardware Abstraction Layer". The requirements and the scope of D2.1 are equivalent to those defined among the following three expert groups: Middleware, Local Device Discovery and Integration (LDDI), and Security. Each one of these Expert Groups provides the specification of the software under development in comparison with the design decisions from input projects in terms of a set of wiki pages. In addition to the specifications, the Wiki pages also provide detailed information about the status of the developments and the plans for the next steps with time and resource allocation. To reflect the latest status of these Wiki pages at the time of closing the version B of D1.2, a snapshot of them has been added to this report as appendices. The main part of the report provides a very compact overview of the detailed info available in those appendices.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living

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