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Briguglio L., Gordea S., Lindley A., Tzoannos E., Meghini C., Cardillo F. A., Esuli A., Falchi F., Ceccarelli D., Bolettieri P., Aloia N., Concordia C., Valdes V., Lopez F., Martinez J. M., Bescos J., Castells P., Garcia M. A., Paytuvi O., Lazaridis M., Beloued A., Spyratos N., Sugibuchi T. ASSETS - The assets APIS. Advanced Service Search and Enhancing Technological Solutions for the European Digital Library. Deliverable D2.0.4, 2011.
This is a technical document detailing the ASSETS architecture and API for each component. It integrates and extends results of the first year mainly from T2.0.4 "Platform design and implementation guidelines" and T2.0.5 "API Specifications", but it introduces technical aspects of all the software services defined, analysed, implemented and tested in ASSETS WP2.1, WP2.2, WP2.3, WP2.4, WP2.5 and WP3.2. This document provides the following information regarding the Assets Services: The rationale behind the service choices; The approach and methodology of proposed solutions; The services description and the definition of their interfaces (APIs); The data models and data flows exchanged between services. This documentation is the basis for the development activities, because identifies the components, their responsibilities data models and interfaces. Through the iteration, as yet occurred during the first year, the data models and interfaces will be refined and enriched with further details. More, even if an improved User Interface is expected on next months, yet in this document ASSETS is able to present some anticipations with preliminary results and mock-ups, carried out during this year. Those are shown for better describing and clarifying how the ASSETS services are/will be used for improving access and usability of Europeana.
Subject application protocol interface
B.4.3 Interconnections (Subsystems)

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