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Potort́ F., Furfari F., et al. .. UniversAAL - exploitation plan. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D9.3-A V1, 2011.
The deliverable D9.3 - Exploitation Plan - is accumulating business and research goals of the main universAAL results. This includes the uStore, Developer Depot, reference model and innovative services. The deliverable will clearly identify markets and strategies to target all relevant stakeholders to increase uptake in the European market and show how this will provide a competitive advantage. The current document D9.3A is the first iteration of this deliverable, due in M12. Its main contents are: . an overview of the consortium and its aims; . an embryonic description of the business idea which is the result of preliminary discussions inside the consortium and which will be much expanded in later iterations of this document; . an initial market analysis based on five interviews made with European businesses and on other documents available to the partners; . a preliminary analysis of individual partners exploitation plans which is currently (M14) being rediscussed inside the consortium; . a SWOT analysis that will be revised at each yearly iteration.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware application
Smart Environment
Distributed Computing
C.0 GENERAL. System architectures

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