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Furfari F., Lenzi S., Girolami M., et al. .. UniversAAL - Part I - Report on the development work. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D2.2-A 1, 2011.
This document is Part I of D2.2-A, which reports about the work done in Task 2.2 "universAAL generic platform services, AAL platform services, and ontology artefacts". It emphasizes the development goals with regard to the requirements of the current iteration phase. Then, an overview of the steps is provided that were taken towards the alpha releases of the first set of software artefacts. Finally, it reports about the status of the work done based on an extensive list of artefacts for each expert group. Task 2.2 has taken advantage of the consolidation process in universAAL as it adopts a selected set of existing software components from the input projects which match the best the universAAL reference architecture. In the standard Section 1, the relationship between this document and the other sub-parts of D2.2 is presented. While Part I presents an overview about the current status and work done in Task 2.2, the other two parts include actual results of recent activity in the task in form of wiki pages and software. Thereafter, this document also provides the appropriate links to the respective wiki pages and SVN repositories. To access those repositories, you might need to create your own account on http://depot.universaal.org/.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware application
Smart Environment
Distributed Computing
C.0 GENERAL. System architectures

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