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Athanasopoulos G., Candela L., Castelli D., El Raheb K., Innocenti P., Ioannidis Y., Katifori A., Nika A., Ross S., Tani A., Thanos C., Toli E., Vullo G. DL.org - Digital library technology and methodology cook book. Coordination Action on Digital Library Interoperability, Best Practices and Modelling FoundationS. Deliverable D3.4, 2011.
The demand for powerful and rich Digital Libraries able to support a large variety of interdisciplinary activities as well as the data deluge the information society is nowadays confronted with have increased the need for 'building by re-use' and 'sharing'. Interoperability at a technical, semantic and organisational level is a central issue to satisfy these needs. Despite its importance, and the many attempts to resolve this problem in the past, existing solutions are still very limited. The main reasons for this slow progress are lack of any systematic approach for addressing the issue and scarce knowledge of the adopted solutions. Too often these remain confined to the systems they have been designed for. In order to overcome this gap, DL.org promotes the production of this document with the goal to collect and describe a portfolio of best practices and pattern solutions to common issues faced when developing large-scale interoperable Digital Library systems. This document represents the final version of the Digital Library Technology and Methodology Cookbook.
Subject Digital Library System
Interoperability Approach
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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