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De Cola T., Bisio I., Davoli F., Cello M., Ferro E., Celandroni N., Gotta A., Cruikshank H., Caini C., Firrincieli R., Roseti C. SatNEx III - ESR "Executive summary report". Satellite Network of Excellence III. Deliverable Co01ESR, 2011.
The aim of this document is to summarise the main results achieved in the study "Applicability of Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks to Space Systems" being part of the CoO-1 call of SatNEx III project, commissioned by ESA in contract RFQ/3- 12859/09/NL/CLP. The investigation carried out here can be seen as an pre-Artes 1 study, possibly motivating the begin of new studies about the use of DTN in more focused scenarios. In particular, the aim of this analysis has been primarily on the current research activities performed in this field and then on the potential applications that the DTN architecture may have in some satellite-based scenarios.
Subject DTN
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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