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Lisi F., Straccia U. An inductive logic programming approach to learning inclusion axioms in fuzzy description logics. In: CILC-11 - 26th Italian Conference on Computational Logic (CILC-11) (Pescara, Italy, 31 August - 2 September 2011). Atti, vol. 810 pp. 57 - 71. Fabio Fioravanti (ed.). CEUR Electronic Workshop Proceedings, 2011.
Fuzzy Description Logics (DLs) are logics that allow to deal with vague structured knowledge. Although a relatively important amount of work has been carried out in the last years concerning the use of fuzzy DLs as ontology languages, the problem of automatically managing fuzzy ontologies has received no attention so far. We report here our preliminary investigation on this issue by describing a method for inducing inclusion axioms in a fuzzy DL -Lite like DL.
URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-810/paper-l04.pdf
Subject Description logics
Fuzzy logics
Inductive Learning

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