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D'Acunto M., Moroni D., Salvetti O. Single molecule detection based on near-infrared sensors. In: AITA 2011 - 11 International Workshop on Advanced Infrared Technologies and Applications (l'Aquila, Italy, 06-09 Settembre 2011). Abstract, pp. 11 - 11. Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi, Firenze (eds.). Faculty of Science, University of l'Aquila, Italy, 2011.
Molecular detection using near-infrared light between 0.9 and 1.3eV has important environmental and biomedical applications because of greater light penetration into scattering media and reduced auto-fluorescent background from biological contaminants. Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) have a tunable band-gap fluorescence in the near infrared that has been demonstrated to be sensitive to changes in their local dielectric function but remain stable to permanent photobleaching. In addition, it has been reported the synthesis and demonstration of several types of solution-phase, near-infrared sensors by functionalizing carbon nanotubes with ligands designed to modulate the fluorescence in response to selective molecular binding. This paper will focus the attention on the development of the current quasi-one-dimensional excitonic as observed on carbon nanotube photo-physics and describe a series of model sensor architectures that can be developed to built single-molecule sensors.
I nanotubi in carbonio a parete singola si sono dimostrati un ottimo sistema per lo studio del comporatmento di singole biomolecole, come l'ibridizzazione del DNA. Lo shift nella spettro ad infrarosso puo' essere descritto come dovuto alla variazione della popolazione degli eccitoni. In questo lavoro noi proponiamo un possibile esperimento da effettuare in locale per la definizione di sensori a singola biomolecola basati su nanotubi in carbonio a parete singola.
Subject Diagnostic imaging
Nanotubi Carbonio
B.1.2 Control Structure Performance Analysis and Design Aids

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