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Pardini C., Liou J., Sorge M. Comparison of the ballistic parameter distribution of the Cosmos 2251 and Iridium 33 cataloged fragments. In: IADC-29 - 29th Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) Plenary Meeting (Berlin, Germany, 11-14 Aprile 2011).
At the 28th IADC meeting in Trivandrum, India (9-12 March 2010), it was agreed to exchange information on the area-to-mass distribution of the Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251 fragments. Three members of the IADC WG2 participated in the study: Liou, Jer-Chyi (NASA - NASA Delegation); Pardini, Carmen (ISTI/CNR - ASI Delegation); Sorge, Marlon (Aerospace Corporation - NASA Delegation). The ballistic parameter (B = CdA/M) distributions of the Cosmos 2251 and Iridium 33 cataloged fragments were compared, based on three independent approaches. The results obtained revealed a very good agreement.
Subject Ballistic parameter distribution
Cosmos 2251
Iridium 33
Cataloged debris
Area-to-mass ratio
70M20 Orbital mechanics

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