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Chiaradonna S., Di Giandomenico F., Nostro N. Modeling and analysis of the impact of failures in electric power systems organized in interconnected regions. In: DSN-PDS 2011 - 2011 IEEE/IFIP 41st International Conference on Dependable Systems & Networks (Hong Kong, 27-30 Giugno 2011). Proceedings, pp. 442 - 453. IEEE, 2011.
Analysis of interdependencies in Electric Power Systems (EPS) has been recognized as a crucial and challenging issue to improve their trustworthiness. The recent liberalization process in energy markets has promoted the entry of a variety of operators in the electricity industry. The resulting new organization contributed to increase in complexity, heterogeneity and interconnection. This paper proposes a framework for analyzing EPS organized as a set of interconnected regions, both from the point of view of the electric power grid and of the cyber control infrastructure. The emphasis is on interdependencies and in assessing their impact on indicators representative of the QoS perceived by users. Taking a reference power grid as test case, the effects of failures on selected measures are shown, both in case the grid is partitioned in a number of regions and in case of a single region, to illustrate the behavior of different grid and control configurations.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/freesearchresult.jsp?newsearch=true&queryText=Modeling+and+Analysis+of+the+Impact+of+Failures+in+Electric+Power+Systems+Organized+in+Interconnected+Regions&x=13&y=29&reason=concurrency
DOI: 10.1109/DSN.2011.5958257
Subject Stochastic Modeling
Electric Power System
Infrastructures Dependencies
Blackout-size Assessment

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