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Grammalidis N., Cetin E., Dimitropoulos K., Tsalakanidou F., Kose K., Gunay O., Governeur B., Torri D., Kuruoglu E., Tozzi S., Benazza A., Chaabane F., Kosucu B., Ersoy C. A multi-sensor network for the protection of cultural heritage. In: EUSIPCO 2011 - 19th European Signal Processing Conference (Barcelona, 29 August - 2 September 2011). Proceedings, pp. 889 - 893. Ana Perez-Neira (ed.). EUSIPCO, 2011.
The paper presents a novel automatic early warning system to remotely monitor areas of archaeological and cultural interest from the risk of fire. Since these areas have been treasured and tended for very long periods of time, they are usually surrounded by old and valuable vegetation or situated close to forest regions, which exposes them to an increased risk of fire. The proposed system takes advantage of recent advances in multi-sensor surveillance technologies, using optical and infrared cameras, wireless sensor networks capable of monitoring different modalities (e.g. temperature and humidity) as well as local weather stations on the deployment site. The signals collected from these sensors are transmitted to a monitoring centre, which employs intelligent computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms as well as data fusion techniques to automatically analyze sensor information. The system is capable of generating automatic warning signals for local authorities whenever a dangerous situation arises, as well as estimating the propagation of the fire based on the fuel model of the area and other important parameters such as wind speed, slope, and aspect of the ground surface.
URL: http://www.eusipco2011.org
Subject Sensor Networks
Cultural Heritage
Surveillance technology
C.2 Computer communication networks
H.4.2 Decision support
I.5 Pattern recognition
J.7 Command and control

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