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Amato G., Falchi F., Bolettieri P. VISITO Tuscany: landmark recognition for cultural heritage. In: ERCIM News, vol. 86 pp. 22 - 23. ERCIM, 2011.
VISITO Tuscany (VIsual Support to Interactive TOurism in Tuscany) is a research project which investigates techniques for producing an interactive guide, accessible via smartphone, for tourists visiting cities of art. The system applies image analysis and content recognition techniques to recognize photographed monuments. The user just has to take a picture of a tourist landmark to obtain pertinent information on his or her smartphone.
URL: http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en86/special/visito-tuscany-landmark-recognition-for-cultural-heritage
Subject Cultural heritage
Image recognition
Machine learning
Similarity search
H.3.1 Content Analysis and Indexing
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval

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