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Console E., Tonazzini A., Bruno F. Attaching semantics to document images safeguards our cultural heritage. In: Ercim News, vol. 86 pp. 19 - 20. Special issue: ICT for Cultural Heritage. Ercim, 2011.
Extracting and archiving information from digital images of documents is one of the goals of the project AMMIRA (multispectral acquisition, enhancing, indexing and retrieval of artifacts), led by Tea- Sas, a service firm based in Catanzaro, Italy, with the collaboration of two Italian research teams, the Institute of Information Science and Technologies of CNR in Pisa, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Calabria in Cosenza. AMMIRA is supported by European funding, through the Italian regional program for integrated support to enterprises.
Subject Document Analysis and Enhancement
Multispectral Imaging
3D imaging
I.4.1 Digitization and Image Capture
I.4.3 Enhancement. Geometric correction
I.4.3 Enhancement. Registration
I.4.4 Restoration

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