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Bertolino A., Calabṛ A., Lonetti F., Sabetta A. GLIMPSE: a generic and flexible monitoring infrastructure. Lavoro sottomesso a ICPE2011, Technical report, 2010.
To respond to the growing needs of evolution and adapta- tion coming from the modern open connected world, appli- cations must continuously monitor their own execution and the surrounding context. The events to be observed, belong- ing to guaranteed functional and non-functional properties, can themselves vary in scope and along time. Therefore the monitor must be easily configurable and able to serve dif- fering event consumers. To address these requirements, we developed the Glimpse monitoring infrastructure conceived having flexibility and generality as main concerns. The pa- per introduces the architecture of Glimpse and shows how it can support runtime performance analysis through a simple example.
Subject Monitor
Rule engine
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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