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Abbozzo Ronchi L., Carlomagno G. M., Corsi C., Grinzato E., Pippi I., Salvetti O., (eds.) .. Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications. In: Journal of Modern Optics. Editorial, vol. 57 (18) pp. 1661 - 1662. Special Issue: Selected papers from the 10th International Workshop, 8-11 September 2009. Taylor & Francis, 2010.
This special issue of the Journal of Modern Optics contains extended versions of selected papers accepted and presented at the 10th International Workshop on Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications held on 8-11 September 2009 at the Astronomy and Space Science Department of the University of Florence, Italy. The workshop - an event in a biennial series of meetings that started in 1991, and organised by Fondazione 'Giorgio Ronchi' (Florence), the Institutes of Information Science and Technologies 'Alessandro Faedo' (Pisa), Construction Technologies (Padova), Applied Physics 'Nello Carrara' (Florence) of the Italian National Research Council and the CREO Consortium, L'Aquila - constitutes a forum for bringing together academic and industrial researchers to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences in the field of infrared (IR) science and technology. The main topics of the workshop included, in particular, advanced technology and materials, smart and fibre-optic sensors, aerospace and industrial applications, astronomy and earth monitoring, nondestructive tests and evaluation, systems for cultural heritage, near-, mid-, and long-wavelength systems, and image processing and data analysis. This special issue includes 17 papers that discuss scientific and technological aspects related to a few of these areas.
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09500340.2010.527708
DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2010.527708
Subject Infrared Technology and Applications
Smart and fibre-optic sensors
Serospace applications
Industrial applications
Nondestructive tests and evaluation
Infrared systems for cultural heritage
Infrared image processing
I.4 Image Processing and Computer Vision
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering
J.3 Life and Medical Sciences
I.2.10 Vision and Scene Understanding
I.5.4 Pattern recognition. Applications

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