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Hanke S., Potortì F., Gkaitatzi O., Braun A., Hellenschmidt M., Tazari S., Wolf P., Mosmondor M., Torres Broch M. C., Sabatini C., Petkovic M., Salvi D., Marcussen C. D., Höftberger O. universAAL - universAAL brochure, leaflets and web page. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D9.1-A V1.0, 2010.
Deliverable D9.1-A in Work Package 9 is the first deliverable related to the dissemination of the universAAL project objectives and results. The development of a project website, leaflet and brochure aims to create social awareness about the benefits of ambient assisted living (AAL) for elderly people as well as for developers and providers of care services. The first section is the Role of the deliverable that presents the scope and goals of the document the relationships with other work packages and particular deliverables from work packages 8 and 9. To establish the dissemination activities, identification of universAAL stakeholders was required. To be consequent with the stakeholder classification described in work packages 1 and 8, D9.1-A and thus work package 9, adopted the same classification to target the individuals, team, organization with interest in, or concerns relative to the universAAL platform. Section 3 describes the universAAL public website, which aim is to disseminate project results, providing information related to the project and the partners and for the communication among all interested partners. The section presents the website layout, development, contents, navigation, evaluation and maintenance. The structure and mainly the content of the website will adapt to project evolution to better satisfy new dissemination requirements. In addition to the website, a leaflet and brochure have been designed to give a first general picture of the project for a general audience and they are presented in Section 4. They maintain a similar layout to the website and address reader/target users to the website or contact the project coordinator. We also made available a power point presentation to be used and adapted depending on the event where the project is presented. Finally, section 5 outlines the future steps to periodically update the dissemination material as the project progresses. This material will reflect the changes of the dissemination plan (D9.2), project development, needs and results and aligned with new dissemination opportunities.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware application
Smart Environment
Distributed Computing
C.0 GENERAL. System architectures

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