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Furfari F., Lenzi S., Stav E., Walderhaug S., Tazari S., Wolf P., Belenguer L., Naranjo J. C., Ibáñez G., Abril P., Kumar S., Arnaudov V., Höftberger O., Mosmondor M. universAAL - reference architecture. UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living. Deliverable D1.3-A V1.0, 2010.
This deliverable D1.3 is related to Task 1.4 "Consolidated AAL Reference Architecture specification" in work package 1 (WP1), and is connected with D1.1 "universAAL Reference Requirements" and D1.2 "universAAL Reference Use Cases" deliverables, and several work packages. Both requirements and use cases drive the architecture development. From the context and requirement view described in D1.1 and D1.2, the component and distribution views will be defined in this deliverable. In WP2 will be implemented the components defined in the reference architecture. Scope and boundaries of services can be implemented with the platform, which are defined in WP3 and includes development tools and services. The reference architecture is main result of the project, which is subject of standardization in WP8. Also, the deliverable acts as roadmap for the current and the future work concerned to this deliverable and it captures initial work done at this first stage in the analysis and consolidation phase of the development process in universAAL, giving a first look on a universAAL Reference Model. Terminology and layered reference model, as component views, are presented and consolidated from various input projects (SOPRANO, MPOWER, PERSONA, OASIS, AMIGO and GENESIS) in order to establish a common understanding of the AAL domain. The AAL reference terminology captures most important concepts used in documentation of the AAL Reference Architecture. The AAL layer model presents a generic pattern for structuring AAL software components. Both terminology and layered reference model correspond with the first version of the reference model that will be validated in order to be used as base for the universAAL Reference Architecture in further deliverables. Later versions of this deliverable will report next steps undertaken to arrive at the universal Reference Architecture that will be used to define platform components and services and their relationships. Further, the resulting Reference Architecture will be described according to the ARCADE methodology.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware application
Smart Environment
Distributed Computing
C.0 GENERAL. System architectures

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