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Panagiota K., Candela L., Kakaletris G. D4SCIENCE-II - VOs and VREs operation activity report. Data Infrastructures Ecosystem for Science. Deliverable DSA2.2, 2010.
One of the objectives of the D4Science-II project is to serve very different and challenging scientific scenarios by providing the communities involved in them with innovative research environments. These environments will materialise in (i) a set of Virtual Research Environments, i.e. virtual laboratories providing the community they are conceived for with the set of data sources and facilities needed to accomplish their research tasks, and (ii) a set of Virtual Organisations, i.e. organised pool of actors and resources of various genre supporting an highly controlled sharing toward the building of Virtual Research Environments. This deliverable document the activities performed to satisfy the requirements of each available Virtual Organization and Virtual Research Environment so as to lead to a fully functional environment which offers all the available functional provided by the D4Science system.
Subject Virtual Organisations
Virtual Research Environments
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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