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Simi M. D4SCIENCE-II - Report on Knowledge Ecosystem Supporting Technology Development. Data Infrastructures Ecosystem for Science. Deliverable DJRA1.1, 2010.
The goal of JRA1 Knowledge Ecosystem Implementation work package is to develop the technology needed to implement and operate a knowledge ecosystem of interoperable e-Infrastructures. Towards this objective, the work package activity moves along several directions: (i) a requirement analysis of the input provided by NA4 work package; (ii) an evaluation and reuse or integration of existing solutions to the identified challenges wherever it is possible; (iii) a design and implementation of new gCube components wherever it is needed; (iv) a refactoring of existing gCube technology to scale up to the desired level of openness required to serve the new scenarios. The progress of the design and implementation of these components is being reported in this deliverable, which has the form of an on-line document produced by the processing of the thread of tickets managed in the TRAC system of the project that relate to the JRA1 tasks.
Subject Software Development
Software Engineering;
gCube Software
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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