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Siebinga S., Manghi P., Mieldijk M., Van Der Werf T. HOPE - High-level design of the HOPE architecture. Heritage of the People's Europe. Deliverable D 2.1, 2010.
This vision document defines the view of the HOPE Consortium on the technical implementation to be carried out by the project HOPE. The vision contains an outline of the envisioned HOPE system and its core requirements. It describes the high-level stakeholder needs and constraints and gives an overview of the reasoning, background, and context for detailed requirements. The vision serves as input for communicating the fundamental "what and why" for the project and provides a strategy against which all future decisions can be validated. The vision should rally Consortium members and give them the context for decision-making in the requirements area. The vision must be visible to everyone in the Consortium.
Subject HOPE Project
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